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Special Education


Gateway Regional High School provides a variety of programmatic services for students who have been determined to have special needs.  These services begin with the philosophy that students with special needs and/or learning problems, which impede their ability to learn, should be educated in the least restrictive setting.  The services available to students diagnosed with special needs range from total inclusion in the regular education program with periodic monitoring of progress to academic support either in the regular classroom or in the school’s resource learning center to the provision of separate classes in specific academic areas in the school’s academic support classes.  The school also has programs and classes for students who require training in essential life skills and prevocational training.



This program is designed to meet the educational needs of students who are performing significantly below grade level in all areas and need a nontraditional program and learning environment to succeed.  The curriculum is adapted and modified to meet the individual life skill needs of each of the students enrolled in the program.  The objectives of the program are geared towards preparing students for independent adult living.  In addition to the acquisition of academic, daily living and social skills, students acquire prevocational skills, which include placement in structured work-study programs when available.

One of the goals of this program is to successfully transition students from Gateway Regional High School to an independent living situation and work site placement within the normal four-year period.  Students remaining beyond the four-year period will be transitioned into a program specific to the student’s needs with the establishment of an Individual Transition Plan.  Parents and students wishing to receive more detailed information on the range of special education services available should contact the Pupil Services office.