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Social Studies


Our philosophy is determined by our understanding of student’s diversities, interests, ability and needs, and by the prevailing educational concerns of our community, state and nation.  We strive to educate the whole person by promoting social, emotional, and intellectual development within a departmental setting that is challenging, caring and rewarding.  The Social Studies program is designed to prepare students to be active, informed citizens of their community.  It is the aim of the program to develop in students an appreciation of a free, multicultural society in a world community, with the ability to frame questions, seek answers and verify conclusions.  Students will be encouraged to read, interpret and evaluate material in all subjects to develop their fullest potential.


  • Help the student understand and appreciate the roots, development, and nature of their American-Western civilization.
  • Promotes the students’ appreciation of the great civilizations and cultural traditions of the past.
  • Understand contemporary world problems by studying the people, societies, and cultures of the past.
  • Show the interdependence and interrelationship among civilizations.
  • Gain an appreciation of great human achievements.
  • Develop basic social skills and abilities required for personal success and good citizenship.
  • Introduce historical methods to the students through the use of technology for research, projects and thesis writing.
  • Promote critical and analytical thought processes through the study of civilization.
  • Encourage the growth of reading, comprehension, and communications skills.

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Primary Sources: