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Dual Enrollment Programs

Dual Enrollment programs are opportunities that allow qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in Massachusetts institutions of higher education on a part-time or full-time basis.  Students earn both high school and college credits for approved college courses that they pass.  Students may also take online college courses as part of this program. 

GRHS students will receive 5 credits for a 3.0 credit college class.  Dual enrollment grades do not go into the student’s GPA but do go on the transcript.  If a student chooses to take a summer college course (above and beyond the 50 GRHS credits per year,) this course is considered to be for personal benefit and the student will not receive high school credit for the course (nor will the course go on the GRHS transcript).  However, this student can provide a copy of their college transcript for the GRHS file.  

GRHS Eligibility Criteria:  

  • Student should have at least a 3.0 GPA (exceptions may be granted in special circumstances)
  • Student should fill out Gateway application and the college application (Gateway application is available in the counseling office)
  • Students are responsible for scheduling their college course so that it does not conflict with other commitments
  • Students are responsible for all costs, transportation, etc associated with dual enrollment.
  • Student-athletes are responsible for making arrangements with the Athletic Director to ensure they can remain included in GRHS athletics under MIAA.
  • Students are responsible to remain in contact with GRHS personnel regarding any school activities or announcements they may miss in their absence.

The following are some local opportunities for Dual Enrollment.  Please note that there are many more opportunities and that almost every college will offer dual enrollment.  

Berkshire Community College
“Bridge to college” for juniors and seniors, free of charge.  Includes on-line offerings.
See your counselor for application form.
More information at 413-236-1630

Elms College, Chicopee, MA 
One free course per semester, for mature, motivated students (admitted on a first come/ first served basis).
Contact: Walter Breau, (413) 265-2222

Holyoke Community College
The Early Admit program offers juniors and seniors the chance to enroll in college courses before graduating high school.  Students enroll in either part time or full time course loads.  (Early Admit students are not eligible for financial aid.)  
More information and application at:

The “College Now” dual enrollment program allows high school seniors to take one free college course each semester (including summer sessions the summers before and after senior year).  
More information and application are at:

Westfield State University
For qualified high school juniors and seniors (‘B’ or better grade point average).
Course descriptions available online at