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All students can learn mathematics and acquire analytical skills that will enable them to reach logical, reasoned conclusions.  The mathematics program is designed to provide a sequence of courses that meets the individual needs of our students.  A visual and technological approach to the study of mathematics is stressed.  Today’s technological society demands that students take as much mathematics as possible.



In keeping with the goals articulated in the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics curriculum and evaluation standards, all courses encourage students to:

  • Learn to value mathematics
  • Become confident in their ability to do mathematics
  • Become mathematical problem solvers
  • Learn to communicate mathematically
  • Learn to reason mathematically

The Mathematics program is designed to provide a sequence of courses to meet the individual needs of all students.  A visual approach to the study of Mathematics is stressed with the use of graphing calculators whenever possible.  Several levels of instruction are carried out to provide regular and enrichment materials for students of varying mathematical aptitudes. 

NOTE:  Students applying for admission to Massachusetts four-year state colleges and/or universities must complete the Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II sequence.