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Additional Programs


The School-to-Career program is part of a statewide effort to enable students to maximize their academic and occupational preparation and potential by providing career awareness, exposure, and exploration.  This program incorporates activities for all grade levels.  One example is through the senior internship program where students are able to receive “on the job” training and also earn high school credit.

The program also seeks to provide workplace learning experiences and career pathways leading to postsecondary education through such activities as job shadowing and exposure to guest speakers.


This program allows seniors to enroll in local colleges and universities and receive credit on both the high school and college level. A transcript of grades is forwarded to Gateway at the end of each semester for inclusion into the high school record.  Courses taken through dual enrollment are not included in GPA. NOTE:  DEPENDING ON THE POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTION, STUDENTS MAY NEED TO PAY THE COST OF ALL TUITION AND FEES FOR COURSES TAKEN UNDER THE DUAL ENROLLMENT PROGRAM.  Further information and specific guidelines are available through the guidance office.


The mission of Mt. Tom Academy is to serve the students of the participating high schools who might benefit from an alternative high school environment.  The program offers instruction in high school and college subjects to students who have been unsuccessful in the traditional high school setting.  The program will identify the strengths, talents and unique abilities of its participating students.  Support will be provided to each individual student in an effort to develop a clear pathway to completion of a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma (G.E.D.).  Success will be measured by the individual student’s acceptance into a college program or placement into an appropriate job setting.  Students are eligible for the Mt Tom Program in their Junior/Senior year.  Placement is based on guidance counselor and administration review.


The Gateway Regional School District is committed to providing its students with access to the best education possible.  The emergence of distance education as a viable means of allowing students access to academic content outside the walls of the classroom is another way to continue this commitment.  A student’s guidance counselor and administration must approve any and all arrangements for distance education.  The maximum school contribution is $800.00 per course.

Criteria for selection:

1.     Seniors will be given priority when all other criteria have been met.

2.     Students may take a course offered at GRHS but not taught due to under enrollment.

3.     Students must have a minimum simple GPA of 2.5

4.     The course must be taken at GRHS under staff supervision.

5.     The course must be scheduled during one of the five available blocks and may not exceed the 50 yearly potential credits students can attain at GRHS.

6.     The course must be taken from an accredited college or high school program.

7.     No lab courses may be taken.

8.     Students may only take one course per semester.

9.     Students may take enrichment courses not offered at GRHS (on a space available basis).

10.  Circumstances not covered in these guidelines will be addressed by guidance/administration.

11.  Courses will be included in the student’s GPA according to the corresponding GRHS policy and grade scale.